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Apart from the general items, Target Depot Limited also provide low price quality inventory / stock sells. The list is updated every 2 months with very attractive offer from time to time.Please do not hesitate to contact us for details to see what we are offering.
CIMG0153 Barbie Secret Diary CIMG0153 front & back packaging PB530 Funrise - Dora Electronic Pinball CM001-C004 Top Toys - Chemistry Lab
 CM106 Planet Earth- Volcano Kit CM002-C009 John Lewis - chemistry Set CM025-E003 Planet Toys - CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit CM040-E003 Planet Toys - CSI Field Kit
MS034-E003 Planet Toys - CSI Forensic Lab CM107-C003 Planet earth - Build your own arctic world EL268-C003 Planet Earth - Projector EL017-C014B Candy Machine
EL110-E003 Target USA - RC Metal Detector EL222-C003B Majorette - Spider Power EL223-C003B Majorette - Spider Powerg EL830-C001 Funrise - Jeep Wrangler
EL252-C003 TRU US - Lightning Bug EL068-C004B Carrefour Diiscovery - Remote Control Tyrannosaurus Rex JG111-C009 JG Target - Heaving Heart JG402-C003 James & Galt - Mysterieuze Magneten
PB005-E003A Rockitball 3 players PB520 Funrise - Electronic Pinball PB513-E019A Funrise USA - Deluxe star galaxy pinball SG126-B005 SG - Computer magic pen painting
 SG126-B006 SG- Computer magic pen painting VS020 Science Tech - Videoscope Lab VS888 Science Tech - Maxscope VT021-C006 National Geographic - Frog Dissection
7060-C0340001 USI - Solar Energy EL110-E003 Target USA - RC Metal Dectector GR044-E005 Spin Master - Actin Figuers - Rouge GR045-E005 Spin Master - Actin Figuers - Chris
GR047-E005 Spin Master - Actin Figuers - Shadow GR048-E005 Spin Master - Actin Figuers - Sonic TM237-C009 Discovery - 900x Microscope and Telescopoe Science Kit TS056-C0060001 TRU - Star Tracker
TS550-C005 Carrefour - Telescope EL097 Vectron Peewee EL140-C001 Vectron Ultralite GM012 Deluxe Shuffle Ball
EL001 Vectron Blackhawk MS032 Bug collector & Miscroscope Set GM020 Sand Gallery GM020 Sand Gallery product details
 GM019 Pot Moulder GM019 Pot Moulder product details G1501 13"cm Desk Top Globe  CM025 Planet Toys - CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit
CM025 Planet Toys - CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit (Instruction booklet cover. EL268-C003 Planet Earth - Projector  EL268-C003 Planet Earth - Projector instruction booklet  EL252-C003 ToysRus - R/C Lighting Bug
EL252-C003 ToysRus - R/C Lighting Bug (Back packaging) BL006-C007 Discovery 2X 3.5X Three Section Bug Viewer EL225-C003A Science Tech - Rock Driller AC025-0001 Stamp Pad (boy & girl set)
 AC025-0002 Stamp Pad (animal set) G2828-C103 28cm Color My World Globe G2828-C103 28cm Color My World Globe (Packaging back photo) G1505-C004 15cm Globe (Packed in window box)
 G1505-C004 15cm Globe (Packed in window box)
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